Is there a big idea you have been waiting to develop and implement, but never found the time? Or didn’t know how to start?

The Innovator's Box gives you all the tools you need to develop and implement your next big idea!


Take your idea and turn it into a reality. Your working space is now your Innovation Space, and your morning ritual is more crucial than ever as you strive to keep motivated working from your office, virtually or physically.


In the first box you will find all the tools we use to launch our most innovative days. Prepare yourself and your office for innovation and take your big idea to the next level.

The Innovator’s Coffee

Start the day with a cup of specially roasted coffee to kick things off

The Coffee Ritual

Use these cultivated habits to prepare your mindset for the day ahead

The Daily Planner

Set your days goals and tasks to create a high impact day

The Innovator’s Journal

Log and develop your idea here; use the challenges to unleash your creativity

AI Translator Course

Deepen your knowledge and integrate technology in your big idea

AI 30 Day Challenge

Quiz your knowledge and download the resources in the course

Book overviews

Explore new concepts and tools; make innovation a daily task

Online Community

 Join others online to keep learning and keep developing your idea


The first Innovator’s Box is just the start of your innovation journey. Subscribe now to gain access to a monthly TinyBox Think Tank call with our experts and your peers. Collaboration can help you develop your idea and accelerate it forward faster!

Step 1:  Ideation – Forming Your Big Idea

Step 2:  Evaluation – Testing & Developing Your Big Idea

Step 3:  Execution – Implementing Your Big Idea

Step 4:  Diffusion – Organization and Marketing

As a subscriber you will also receive quarterly 1-2-1 check-ins and Innovator's Box deliveries, personalized to you, to help you maximize your idea. The boxes will replenish your Innovator’s Coffee, give you a new journal for your big ideas, as well as send you everything you need to develop Your Big Idea and take it to the next stage. You don’t have to do anything except follow the instructions and knowledge provided!


Now is the time to take the chance and make an impact!


This is your chance to be more innovative and creative, and to prepare for the future. The box is coming to your door. It is up to you to open it and start the process.


Yes! I want to become a member of the TinyBox Think Tank


  • Quarterly toolkits starting with the first Innovator’s Box, content personalized especially for you 

  • Monthly TinyBox Think Tank mastermind calls

  • Support for your idea through our online community 

  • Online courses to supplement learning

  • Certification of Completion

  • Plus additional tools and bonuses throughout the year!

€ 97/month


VAT included. Free shipping worldwide.

You will be redirected to our subscription payment system Subbly to complete the purchase.

I’m not ready to subscribe yet.
I’d like to kick off with
the first Innovator’s Box


  • The Innovator’s Coffee

  • The Innovator’sJournal

  • The Coffee Ritual

  • The Daily Planner

  • The Innovator's Coffee Mug

    Added bonuses:

  • AI Translator Course (German)

  • AI 30 day Challenge

  • Book overviews

  • Access to the LinkedIn community


€ 97

(was €194)

VAT included. Free shipping.

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