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The Innovator's Box gives you all the tools you need to develop and implement your next big idea!


Take your idea and turn it into a reality. Your working space is now your Innovation Space, and your morning ritual is more crucial than ever as you strive to keep motivated working from your office, virtually or physically.


“The Tinybox Innovators Box was really an experience to open and discover all the great resources inside the box. All of the content is very helpful, inspiring, and motivating. Thank you very much for this great box. It's a gift!.” - Customer, Michael G.


“I received the box as a gift from TinyBOX after working together on a project. I was very happy and liked the content very much.” - Client, TinyBox


“I really love the innovator’s box. I think it can help educate about innovation and inspire new ideas in a playful, stylish, and smart way. Coaching innovation myself, I can really recommend the box as a tool for companies or individuals who want to grow in that area!” - Customer, Melanie H.


SKU: TBA3001
  • Including:

    • The Innovator’s Journal
    • The Innovator’s Coffee
    • The Coffee Ritual
    • The Daily Planner
    • The Innovator's Coffee Mug

    Added bonuses:

    • AI Translator Course (in German)
    • AI 30 day Challenge
    • Book overviews
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