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Experienced speakers can help you inspire and transform your company and bring energy and insights from your panels. When it comes to motivational and experienced speakers, look no further. 


Within our team we have not one, but two TEDx speakers, who between them have coached and inspired C-Level executives and consulted with brands including Google and BMW.


There’s more to moderation than it seems. It’s about research, putting together a dynamic panel, coaching the panelists, creating a storyline and creating networks beyond the panel.

We leverage expertise to reveal relevant insights and showcase personality through delivering balance and energy on stage so that the audience experience a dynamic discussion that continues long after the event.


An experienced speaker can help you inspire and transform your company, bringing energy to the stage and insights to your audience.

Our service includes pre-event research and opportunities to align with your goals so that we can ensure the topic is relevant, using specific insights and case studies related to your business.

We believe this is key to delivering an inspirational talk that will inspire your audience and motivate action.


Big ideas but not sure where to start? The TinyBox Think Tank is a business-sponsored executive event with a group of peers who want to discuss changes in leadership, emerging technologies, and global challenges.

Get in a (virtual) room with global leaders.

TinyBox delivers the tools you need to increase innovation, we prepare and host the event, and deliver a post-event professionally designed report of insights.


Knowing you want to inspire and empower your employees can be a daunting task. Especially when you want to touch on the emerging relevant topics as they pertain to your industry.

TinyBox can help you integrate change.

From roadshows and MCMs to intimate offsite retreats, we support you or your event team to design content that can inspire innovation, as well as facilitate training and education.


Hosting and delivering large-scale events and conferences is a big undertaking, with many moving parts.

That’s where we come in.

We provide full-service planning; from management and organising to content design and execution.


We design programs and workshops that take your thinking outside of the box (we went there!), that are designed to upskill and improve corporate culture and innovation.


Our executive coaching programs will position your management team as visionary leaders and increase brand recognition to attract talent.


Self development is continuous learning with new skills are actionable and useful within everyday work.

Courses, journals, books, and even coffee can reinforce organisational vision and improve ideation and innovation every single day and support employees.


A group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals can dramatically influence each other’s success by providing differing perspectives and leveraging a collective mind.

These sessions are emotive, inspirational and have a huge impact. They create a non-judgemental and safe space for individuals to discuss their goals, as well as offer expertise to others.

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” – Napoleon Hill


To encourage and increase advocacy and trust within your teams, we plan, map, and coach to develop team cohesion that inspires creativity, the desire to deliver results and inspires innovation and cultural transformation from within the organisation.


Sometimes a change of scenery is all a team needs to (re)establish their trust and passion (?) for effective and enthusiastic communication to take the lead.

Organise a retreat away from the office and you have the perfect opportunity to realign to your vision, your team, and your strategy for the future. 

We’ll organise everything; from the location to the workshops and even a few inspirational immersive experiences along the way.


We design bespoke courses and individual coaching programs tailored to your organisation, business values and objectives.

Created with the aim of upskilling and improving corporate culture and innovation, we provide a dedicated and professional team to develop leaders.

Our executive coaching programs position management as visionary

leaders that embody advocacy, attract talent and increase brand recognition.


We believe that everyone is capable of doing amazing things. Although embracing your potential to do great things is not always that easy.

The MotivStrukturAnalyse MSA® (MSA) gives understanding intrinsic motivation and energy dynamics, allowing you to understand what drives and inspires you.

The (MSA) is a scientifically German-based personality analysis that shows the individual characteristics of the 18 basic motives. Using these 18 basic motives, the MSA can record and visualise our inner drivers.

External expertise can trigger ideation. Which is where we come in.


TinyBox is your go-to resource for experienced speakers, original events and bespoke programs that inspire, educate and maximise change and transformation from within.


From our extensive experience of working with industry leaders - we know that businesses worldwide struggle to integrate: a sound strategy, emerging technology and engaging people within their ecosystem. 


Working closely with our clients, we create paradigm shifts to prepare you and your organisation for long-term success.


Simply put, we design bespoke and unforgettable events that leave a lasting impression on attendees, for all the right reasons.


Whether it’s in-person and / or virtually, our events inspire your people, increase ideation and innovation and build stakeholder trust and advocacy.

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