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Welcome to TinyBox!

Our pipeline of Ideas, Innovation, and Inspiration

Where we started

We started TinyBox because businesses all over the world struggle to integrate three components: a sound strategy, emerging technology and engaging people within a framework that prepares their business for the future.

Our core concept was to provide micro-learning education, impulses for learning, or building strategic competencies and embracing new technologies.

We started out with in-person events as a way to spread education and inspire innovation. We worked with Google as our first in-person client but once the pandemic hit we moved to virtual events which continue on with weekly dialogues and one-time client events.

Original founders of TinyBox

Christoph Burkhardt

Founder, Business Strategy California

Born and raised in Germany, MSc at the London School of Economics, Christoph Burkhardt currently works with One Life GmbH. Since 2010 he has helped companies like Intel, Merck or BMW to implement effective cultures of innovation and constant change on a global scale. ​ Christoph believes in a bright future for all humans if we manage to come together and develop the skills required for this massive paradigm shift ahead of us. His message in one sentence: Don't be a robot. “A good strategy is not a plan and it’s not a tactic, it’s a powerful set of scenarios about the future. Good strategy changes everything.”

Raj Hayer

Founder & CEO, People Strategy Munich/London

Employing people analytics and culture analytics to improve people strategies in organizations, Raj explores how the development and implementation of new technology will change the future of work.

Leveraging her Global Executive MBA, motivation analysis training, and over 26 years of corporate experience in business change and transformation, she is passionate about exploring the connections between diversity and innovation. Raj is also researching the potential of AI to place increased value on human creativity and connection in the workplace. “Nothing is more crucial to the survival of a company than an engaged, forward-looking workforce, with the drive to learn and adapt.”

Steven Mc Auley

Founder, Business Strategy Germany

Business psychologist Steven Mc Auley continues to have an interest in researching human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence and the future of work. The award-winning speaker (GSA) has presented in Dubai, Moscow, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. As a member of the Association for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in Abu Dhabi, he investigated why companies fail in the use of artificial intelligence.

“Emerging technologies shift the way we work, live, and the way we conduct business. No other technology drives this shift more than Artificial Intelligence.”

...and then there was one.

While the lads are still involved on a meta-level, the day to day decisions and running of TinyBox is now down to Raj Hayer.

Empowering networks is her passion and with access to many experts, we continue to share insights and promote them through our education platforms, events, and real life.

We look forward to sharing our journey on this platform and with others and if you are interested in collaborating with TinyBox drop us a line.

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